Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wild, Wild West Tour {2017}

Spring break is here and I am desperately missing my week's vacation in wonderful, warm, sunny Florida.  I don't know if its the changes at work recently or the change in Kentucky weather from 80 degree days to 45 degree days, but I am out of sorts and wishing I had my butt on the beach right now.

We opted to try something different this year.  Our beloved Naye and Pap want to show Roxy the western part of the country so we decided to do a ten-day road trip and see some western states this year.  The only bad part of that plan is that I have another nine weeks before I get my ten day vacation.

I'm super excited about this trip.  For a girl that's never been west of the Mighty Mississippi, its finally going to happen.

We are starting out from here in Kentucky and will go through Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona.  We are going to take the famous Route 66 for at least part of the trip.  Pairing that with the national parks along the way and we are going to be seeing so many amazing sights!  Its going to be overload.

The two things that I am most prepared for are taking lots of pictures (hello, 64gb memory card!) and journaling what we see and do each day.

What I'm not prepared for is attempting to pack for ten days and only use a backpack.  There are going to five of us in an eight-seat vehicle along with our suitcases/backpacks, a cooler, and all the other miscellany that comes with traveling with a young child.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  How to pack, what to see, must-dos, must-not-does...

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