Monday, March 27, 2017

Long Time, New Diagnoses

Once again, I'm waiting way too long between posts.  I'm hoping that with the update of the blog along with the new domain name, I can get back in the game and you'll hear from me more often.

One of the biggest things that has happened around here lately is Roxy's ADHD and ODD diagnoses.  We noticed some behavior issues at home that were only worsening and then the same issues started at school.  When I was told that our barely 7-year-old could be suspended from school, I knew we had to do something.

A good friend recommended a therapist and we decided to start there.  We spent almost an hour going over the issues we'd noticed as well as about a thousand other things that I never linked to our problems.  In the end, the therapist said ADHD with ODD.

Therapy has been helping tremendously.  We are trying to stay away from medication right now and see how far we can get with therapy, diet changes and reinforcement at home.

I'm sitting on the couch where I just finished compiling lists of books for both me and Roxy.  Mine are all about ADHD and ODD and how to parent an ADHD/ODD child.  Roxy's are about dealing with anger and making friendships, two of her biggest issues.

If any of you reading this are or have dealt with ADHD, please give a fellow mama any advice, tips, or suggestions you might have.  At this point, anything will help!


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