Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Catching Up

Wow, peeps!  Its been a looooong time since I've posted here.  Sorry about that.  Things happened and I just didn't get here.

Here's a few highlights in photographs:

Roxy realized the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.  "Hi, my name is Roxy.  I have a lot of stuff."

Roxy helped me cheer on the 2015-2016 Kentucky Wildcats by writing down the cheers so I wouldn't forget them when she had to go to bed before the games were over.  

We enjoyed a couple family snow days when we got about a foot of snow.  

The Mighty Miracles placed first in our March for Babies campaign for the 2015 year and I was the #5 fundraising walker who raised over $1,000.  

Roxy was awarded the Writing Award at school.  We are so proud of her continued success!

We enjoyed our annual vacation to Inverness, Florida.  Mongo and I went on an air boat ride and Mongo held an alligator.  She also proceeded to kiss the alligator before we left.  

Roxy's art work was featured as part of a school wide art show.  

We treated Roxy to her first manicure as a reward for her excellent work in school.  

My cousin, Ashley, said "I do" to "the one."  Very happy to be able to share her special day!

Roxy participated in her first grade play "Bugs" and had a speaking part.  

Our 2016 March for Babies was a success!

First grade came to end.  Our little girl became a second grader!

Roxy's first ballet recital was a success!  

Roxy had her tonsils and adenoids taken out.  Luckily, we all survived!  PS - Not all kids will eat ice cream all day for three days and be fine.  Roxy complained that ice cream hurt.  Her preference was slushies and Chester's puffed corn.  

Summer photos of my favorite girl in one of her favorite locations.

A family trip to Jurassic Quest was a lot of fun.  Roxy couldn't help but choose to be different.  "I want to be on my head" she said.

Our pre-second grade mini vacation was a lot of fun.  We started in Bowling Green and drove back through the country roads of Kentucky stopping at all the Abraham Lincoln attractions along the way.  At the Abraham Lincoln Homestead National Park, Roxy was sworn in as a junior ranger.  

The first day of second grade.  

We took a family mini vacation to Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  We spent three days there and never left the premises!  

Roxy had a frighteningly good 7th birthday!  Our favorite ghoul is immersed in all things Monster High so we celebrated her day in a freaky fangtastic way.  

Mommy and Mongo celebrated Mongo's birthday watching our favorite boys at Big Blue Madness.  The coming season is going to be loads of fun to watch.  Thank goodness its basketball season again!

Roxy wrote her first short story complete with a three paragraphs, a beginning, middle and end, and 114 words.  

So now that you're all caught up on the past 14+ months of our life, here's hoping I can keep this a little more up-to-date!  

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