Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mommy's Snow Day

How has it been almost six months since I posted?  Looks like Mommy took a few too many snow days from the blog!

Last week, we were hit by snow (as was most of the country) and it resulted in a "Mommy Snow Day" thanks to a local travel ban.

Roxy and I spent the day together watching her favorite PBS shows and playing lots of dress up.  We bundled up to go play in the snow a couple times.  That was by far the most fun of the day!

Roxy loves to play in the snow.  We made snow angels, attempted snow balls and gave up on trying to make a snowman out of the powdery mess that would not form a ball for anything.  Playing outside with her was my favorite part of the day, too - listening to her "Wahoo" as she threw snow up in the air so she could catch it on her tongue, watching her walk through piles of snow up to her knees.

Having a fun day at home with my munchkin definitely gave me an appreciation for the winter weather that resulted in a day off work.

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