Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mighty Miracles

Two posts in two days?  Maybe getting back into the groove won't be so hard!

Last night, the Mighty Miracles were awarded with plaques recognizing us as the #2 top family fundraising team for last year's March for Babies.  Out of the $45,000 raised by family teams, we raised $3,900.  Not too shabby at all.

The awards ceremony and kick-off was held at the newly opened Malibu Jack's.  We had such a great time enjoying our free go-cart ride.  It was Roxy's first!  I loved hearing her "Wahoo" as we rounded corners and then she threw her little arms up like you would on a rollercoaster.

It was truly a great way to finish off last year and get us all geared up for this year's campaign.  With that being said, I am proud to unveil our 2015 Mighty Miracles' t-shirt design (complete with matching ball cap to match the baseball theme)!

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