Friday, September 12, 2014

Roxy Turns 5!

It is absolutely unbelievable that Roxy turned 5 on September 5th.  It doesn't seem like so long ago that we were watching her in an isolette and only barely able to touch her hand.  Our preemie princess has shed all signs of her prematurity and is enjoying the delights of Kindergarten!
For Roxy's party this year, we went with a Frozen theme as did so many other parents!  Roxy seems to be in Elsa mode all the time and we all know the words to Let It Go because we've listened to it at least 1,578,324 times. 
I came up with lots of grand ideas thanks to Pinterest.  (You can see my board here.)  Thankfully, for the activities, I decided to try them at home first and found out that they didn't work before it became a #PinterestFail at the party. 
Let's start with the invitations.  During a quick trip to check out Michael's clearance section in July, I found some fancy invitations, think wedding, and they were marked down to $4.99.  A steal by any means, but they were a red sticker and 75%. 
The final product:
For the party, I tried to keep it simple.  We had Frozen-themed snacks, balloons and a backdrop.  
Our menu consisted of Olaf Noses (cheetos), Sven Antlers (pretzels), Kisses to Melt Frozen Hearts (mini milk chocolate chips), Marshamallow's Snowballs (marshmallows), Troll Rocks (two variations - no bake cookies shaped like rocks and sausage balls), and Snow Cap Punch (blue Hawaiian punch, 7 Up and ice cream).  To keep the Frozen theme going, we had an ice cream cake in lieu of regular cake and ice cream. 
Roxy's outfit was super simple this year.  Since we own approximately 11 different Frozen shirts, I picked one of our favorites, put her in a coordinating sparkle skort and finished it with her Frozen shoes (gift for her birthday) and an Elsa bow. 
The treat bags were easy peasy, too.  I started with a Frozen cup for the girls and TMNT cups for the boys.  Then we added a Scentos marker for the older kids and a smushy piggy bank for the toddlers and babies.  We made homemade Frozen sparkly playdough and added in Frozen and TMNT tattoos.  The last item we added were popsicles for a very "frozen" treat.  I think the kids were happy with their bags. 
We snacked, ate cake, played with balloons...a LOT, and had a blast.  Roxy had two of her cousins spend the night with her and finished the day off with a sleepover and some time in the pool. 
Another fun and successful birthday party in the books!  Can you tell we were most excited about that part?


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