Friday, February 14, 2014

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Review

My 31 for 31 list has been moving rather slow.  I'm losing weight, but its a slow process.  I've ordered one of the four photo books that I need to be caught up to the current year and I did manage to see Gary Allan this year thanks to an awesome and free concert.  

I need to get the lead out!

My weight loss total as of today is 22.2 pounds.  When I knew I had to start doing something back in December, I weighed in at 202 pounds.  The scales read 179.8 this morning.  

I started doing Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout on January 13th to aid in my weight loss adventure.


When I first began, I was huffing and puffing by the end of the warm up circuit.  I never made it past the halfway mark the first week.  This past week I have pushed myself to do the full workout from warm up to cool down three times.  By Saturday, I hope its five times.

At first, I was a little reluctant.  Even though I am not a Biggest Loser fan and have never watched the shows, I have heard the negative comments that have circulated around Jillian.  I was not expecting the motivational Jillian on the program.

The workout is pretty high impact with a nice core circuit thrown in the middle to give you a small breather.

I found this list on Amazon of what exercises are in each circuit:

Warm up: Arm circles, Toe touches, Arm swings, Jogging. Repeat.

Circuit One (Kickboxing): Squatting side kicks on right side, Alternating punches while squatting, Squatting side kicks on left side, Jab-cross-hook-elbow boxing move, Alternating front kicks. Repeat.

Circuit Two: Burpies (drop to plank position and jump up), Plie hops, Punch-hop combination, 180-degree jumps, Single-leg hops. Repeat. IF YOU CAN SURVIVE CIRCUIT TWO, YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS WORKOUT.

Circuit Three (Old school Calisthenics): Butt kicks (jogging with heels hitting gluts), High knees (jogging with knees high in front of body), Jumping jacks, Oblique crunches on right side, Oblique crunches on left side. Repeat.

Circuit Four (Floor work): Mountain climbers (striding while in plank position), Lay face down on floor and lift chest and thighs simultaneously, Pike crunches, Oblique twists, Walking plank. Repeat.

Circuit Five (Kickboxing): Swing kicks, Uppercuts (upward punches while squatting), Back kicks, Jab-cross punches while squatting, Knee crunches. Repeat.

Circuit Six: Jump squats, Cross-country skiing, Scissor kicks, Side skaters, Standing mountain climbers. Repeat.

Circuit Seven: Mobiles (twisting jumps), Standing pikes (standing ab crunch), Knee crunches on the right side, Knee crunches on the left side, Jump rope (without actual rope). Repeat.

Stretch. Lasts about five minutes.

The author of that list is absolutely right - if you can make it through that second circuit, you are golden.  The rest of the workout will be easier.  The first week I did the program, that circuit ended my workout every night.

I love this workout.  I really like Jillian Michaels' method of teaching and leading and I plan to (hopefully) start her 30-Day Shred soon.  Time to mix it up a little!

Between doing this workout three or four times a week and adding some stationary biking on off nights coupled with paring down the number of calories I eat each day has really boosted my weight loss.  I have never been this successful before.

Only 8 more pounds to reach my 31 for 31 goal.  Only 28 to reach my goal weight!

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