Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Party Like a Bubble Guppy!

Roxy turned four last week and this weekend we celebrated.  Russ and I opted to have a small, family-only party at our house this year.  We kept it simple by going old school - cake and ice cream only.  I think this was by far my favorite party we've given and I was able to visit, circulate and enjoy the day.  

Roxy is really into Bubble Guppies right now so that was our theme. Unfortunately, and much like her Imagination Movers party, there aren't any decorations available.  I did find some on eBay, but I draw the line at paying over $10 for a plastic tablecloth.  

I made the invitation myself using PicMonkey and Bubble Guppies images found online.  We printed them at Walmart.  
I found this pin on Pinterest and knew that it would be the perfect backdrop for the cake table.  We mixed it up a little:

This was the focal point of the party and the only decorations we had minus the balloons on Roxy's present-opening chair.  To incorporate the Guppies, I printed the characters out in color and just carefully cut them out.  We taped them "swimming" on the background.  

To complete the decorations, I let Roxy pick out a coordinating tablecloth and we picked up some fun coordinating chevron plates and napkins.  I used some of Roxy's Bubble Guppies toys and a fun-framed photo of Roxy from last week's photography session.  

My mom and I found a Bubble Guppies cake topper on eBay and decided to make our own cake and cupcakes.  

And lastly, Roxy's birthday outfit featured her most favorite Guppy of all:  Molly!

Unfortunately, the Molly outfit didn't last long.  Roxy decided she would prefer to be Princess Merida at her party rather than a Guppy.  


  1. Wow, this was very fun to read. Maybe you have considered submitting articles to magazines!

  2. Beautiful party set-up! I love how you used streamers as your backdrop...and your little girl is adorable!


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