Friday, August 23, 2013


Roxy started her second year of preschool yesterday.  It was her last first day of preschool.  Next year, she'll move on to kindergarten.  So amazing how quickly she's growing up.  

On Monday afternoon we went to her Back-to-School Bash.  She was super excited to see her teachers and one classmate who she refers to as her "boyfriend."  Her only complaint was that they moved her classroom.  Leave it to my child to complain about getting a new room twice as big as the old one with more toys and windows to see sunlight!

Before bed on Wednesday night, I let Roxy pick out her outfit for the first day all by herself.  I have to admit, I was very happy with her choice!

She was so excited on Thursday morning.  About every five minutes or so she would ask if she could get dressed yet.  Finally, I was ready and it was her turn.  We got dressed, measured her height on the wall (a tradition we started last year), grabbed her backpack and headed out the door.  (Side note:  She's grown about five inches since the first day of school last year!)

When we arrived at school, Roxy danced her way into the building and waited impatiently for me to sign in. We walked/jogged back to the gym for dropoff.  As soon as we neared the gym doors, she let go of my hand and began to run toward the teacher assistant from last year.  She gave her a hug and started talking excitedly.  I barely got a glance from her before I headed out the door.  

I cried last year when I left; this year I couldn't help but smile.  I can't wait to see what preschool teaches my girl this year.  (Above left is her on the last day of school in May, above right is the first day .  Needless to say, this little girl loves her dresses!)

Her favorite part of the day?  "We played in centers.  I did science!  And then we played with play dough."

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