Monday, June 3, 2013


My parents divorced when I was twenty.  Although it wasn't easy, it was for the best.  I was old enough to understand that.  

One of the silver linings to my parents' divorce is my stepparents.  My mom married Owen seven years ago. My dad married Donna just a week ago.  With both stepparents, my brother and I gained people who care about us and our parents.  Plus, we gained two sisters, a brother-in-law and a nephew (arrival in October).  Not to mention a whole bunch more love and support!  We are truly blessed to have these additions in our lives.

A few photos from the small, but gorgeous wedding last weekend: 

Roxy and BooBoo playing on her new swing

The whole bunch of us!

How adorable is this?

The Pridgens

Roxy wearing her best princess smile.

Roxy with Mommy and Daddy

I wish Dad and Donna all the happiness in the world.  You two are so perfect together.  

**A special thanks to Tara Toole Photography who provided the photos from the big day!**

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