Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WW: Reunion.

We were fortunate to have an inside connection to receive an invitation to the first annual NICU reunion hosted by the hospital where Roxy was.  I was excited to attend and hoped to meet up with lots of other parents who had similar experiences and see children that may have 'resided' there with Roxy during her stay.  

After we trailed through registration, Roxy was able to enjoy a huge piece of cake and a glass of punch before we headed out to have our photo taken and play.  

The reunion was held at the children's arboretum.  The location was fantastic!  In addition to these huge hollow logs for the kids to climb on and go through, the children's arboretum included three acres of hands-on learning activities and experiences for the kids.  I see a return trip in our near future!

I was able to chat quickly with the only mom I remember from our NICU stay whose daughter is only a couple months older than Roxy.  I also caught up with a nurse who remembered Roxy right off the bat after seeing her name tag.  As she said, its hard to believe that its been three years already!

The weather was a bit chilly and the sky was overcast so after a group photo, we packed it in and called it a day.  We're already looking forward to next year's event!

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  1. Looking at that photo it looks like that hospital saved a lot of babies. It's so nice to reconnect with people who were so important in your life!


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