Thursday, April 25, 2013

Potty-Training (A Year Later)

This time last year, I posted about potty training.  About how the switch had flipped and Miss Roxy was wearing (and showing off) her big girl panties.   

We are doing much, much better and consider her to be totally potty-trained.  We still have the occasional accident, but it is nothing compared to what it was before.  Our next step is to get rid of the pull-ups at nighttime.  

We are also still scoping out public restrooms at every place we go.  The drive to Florida was especially fun trying to find a nice restroom when Roxy would decide she needed to go (even though she was in a pull-up for emergencies).  

One thing is for certain - my baby girl is now my little girl.  She's growing up way to quickly!

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  1. She is a beautiful little girl. Savor every moment....even the scouring the area of public toilets moments. They really do go by too fast!

  2. We are still dealing with toilet training a year later here, too. He's great during the day, but I wash a lot of sheets. He can't seem to figure out nighttime!

  3. Those pictures are so cute! So cute!

  4. Cutie, cute, cute! We are working on potty training here as well. Maddening!


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