Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five [Vacation]

Mongo (my mom), Roxy and I traveled to Niceville, Florida, last week to spend some time with Naye and Pap before they headed home.  The weather was a little cooler than we expected for this time of year, but we made the best of it!

Our trip to the beach was short-lived for fear of Roxy getting chilled.  Although the day was nice and warm, the breeze blowing in off the water was chilly enough to have Mongo wrapping her beach towel around her like a blanket.  There were red flags everywhere so we weren't able to get in the water, either.  After about an hour, we tore Roxy away from the sand and headed back to camp.

We did a lot of shopping - from picking up some warmer clothes to Silver Sands outlet mall, the majority of our vacation (especially the cooler days) were spent shopping around.  

{Funny Faces}
Roxy learned how to make funny faces at school right before we left for vacation.  Just about any time we wanted a picture, we got a funny face instead of smile.  Eventually I decided if I couldn't beat her, I'd join her.  

Roxy loved the RV.  She thought is was super neat that the table made our bed.  She especially liked riding with Naye and Pap on the way home.  She was up high enough she was really able to see out and around as we made our way home.  

Roxy wanted to see alligators so we stopped in at Fudpuckers for lunch one day.  While shopping in the gift shop, she asked for a blue alligators with sparkles, please.  We really lucked out in finding a blue/white alligator.  All that was missing was the sparkles.  

Our waiter was super friendly and brought Roxy some plastic animals before our meal came out.  She had fun playing with those and was shocked to find an alligator sitting on her orange for garnishment.  She's still talking about it!  

We offered to let her feed or hold an alligator, but she declined on both accounts.  We couldn't even get her to stand next to the big alligator statute to have a picture made.  

We really had a fantastic time and always look forward to visiting the Niceville/Destin area at Spring Break.  After a week back in reality, I think we finally feel back to normal!

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