Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Cards: Do or Don't?

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas.  I love sending them and receiving them.  I drive Russ crazy because I start in October and tend to have them ready to mail by Thanksgiving.  A few years ago, we were doing Christmas portraits on Halloween weekend and this year I started even earlier - October 13th!

For Roxy's first Christmas, we sent out regular Christmas greeting cards with snapshots enclosed.  Roxy had only been out of the NICU for a month and we weren't able to have her photos professionally taken.  The year after, we did a family photo Christmas card.  Last year, I used snapshots of Roxy (1 from each season) and included a Christmas letter so that out-of-town family would know what we'd been up to that year.  This year, I ordered our photo cards from York Photo.  

We generally send out about 60 Christmas cards.  I have a rather large family and we include our friends.  This year I am adding our pediatrician and my hair stylist to the mix.  I was searching the internet wondering if I was missing anyone else and ran across several posts from people who do not send cards at all.  

I'm curious.  

Do you send Christmas cards or a Christmas letter?  Who do you include in your list?  If you don't send cards, why not?  

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