Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ER Woes

The "Murphy's Law" moment.  Roxy finally drifted off
and the doctor came in 2 minutes later to examine her.
Let me preface this post for a moment by saying that last Tuesday Roxy fell out of a chair at school and put a pretty fantastic goose egg on the back of her head.  

Thursday night at bed time, we had a very unhappy toddler at our house.  Roxy cried and screamed and complained of her head hurting.  We tried everything short of giving her medicine to make her head feel better.  I was worried about giving her pain medication because of the head injury mentioned above.  I laid down with her to comfort her.  No go.  I put her in bed with me.  No go.  Throughout all of this, she was trying to go to sleep.  She would drift off only to wake up crying two minutes later complaining of her head hurting where she fell at school.  

I was worried.  To the point of freaking out.  Technically, we were still operating in that 72-hour window where you are supposed to be looking for signs of complications from the head injury.  

I loaded up an unhappy Roxy and headed to the pediatric ER a half hour away.

At the ER we waited for what seemed like an eternity.  Roxy cried and cried and cried.  No one assisted us, none one checked on us.  After 1.5 hours without seeing anyone, I rang the nurse's bell.  The nurse said she would check and disappeared.

Forty-five minutes passed while Naye and I tried to occupy a very fussy and unhappy Roxy who was still in pain.  A resident appeared and asked about her symptoms.  She immediately looked in Roxy's ears.  She indicated that Roxy's ears were too waxy and she couldn't see so she would have another doctor come take a look.

The next doctor arrived and again inquired as to Roxy's symptoms.  He looked at her eyes, had her walk for him, and then checked her ears.  We were told everything was fine.  He indicated she was just overtired because it was 2 a.m. and I should give her Tylenol and put her to bed.  He implied that I was overreacting.  We were discharged ten minutes later with a diagnosis of "Headache - unspecified."

Roxy was a trooper all weekend even though you could tell that she still did not feel well.

We decided a trip to the pediatrician was in order on Monday.  Their diagnosis?  An ear infection to the point of oozing puss.  An ear infection, they assured us, Roxy would have had to have had on Thursday night at the ER.  We were told that Roxy had been experiencing pain comparable to an adult's migraine because her ears were so infected.  It breaks my heart just thinking of it.

Even now, I am still infuriated at the thought that neither of the doctors we saw on Thursday night took a few minutes to really focus on my child and diagnose her properly.  She went through extra days of pain because they were trying to usher us out the door to quickly.

Needless to say, I think a letter to the ER doctor is in order as well as a new ER for occasions like this.  I refuse to make my daughter suffer again because of someone else's incompetence.  I am her advocate and I will speak up.  Call me overprotective, tell me I'm overreacting, but do not dismiss my daughter's health!

::end rant::

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for listening to my rant!  

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  1. I would definitely log a complaint about the doctors with the hospital. Every one should have a case manager that you can contact about stuff like that.


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