Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is marching band.

This one time, at band camp....  

Way back in high school, Fall meant one thing more than anything else.  Marching band.  We would work our butts off during the summer so that our routine would be ready to hit the road come fall.

The weather was always just right.  It kept us sweating in the awful polyester uniforms during the day and freezing any time we took the field after dark.  It rained just often enough for one band member to lose a shoe somewhere around the 50-yard line.  

During freshman year, our theme was Blood, Sweat & Tears.  It was the best collection of songs of any of my marching seasons.  

I remember our marching band attending a football game away.  We warred with the home team's band throughout the game.  In trying to one-up the other band, we played one of the BST songs from our marching season.  Unfortunately, it was their theme that year as well and they countered with the same song. Really a funny thing to remember, but it sticks in my mind.  

Here are the Owen County Marching Rebels way back in 1997.  I think I am the last person on the left in the front row, but I couldn't swear to it.  


  1. What fun that you even have a video. :)

    I played piano...no marching band for me. LOL!

    ***Stopping by from SITS.

  2. -claps- another marching band geek! yeah, baby. And, yes...I had a fleeting thought to the American Pie movie franchise thinking of marching band [camp] as well. XD


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