Friday, August 24, 2012

Preemie to Preschooler in 2.11

About 1 month old; still in the NICU
Almost three years ago, we welcomed our baby girl into this world eleven weeks earlier than expected.  

At that time, I didn't give a lot of thought to the next couple of years, much less preschool or kindergarten.  I was too overjoyed at my little one's progress, growth and well-being.  

Earlier this year, Russ and I began to talk about when we would like for Roxy to being preschool, what was best for her, what schools we wanted her to go to.  

Shortly after that, we learned that Roxy qualified for early intervention through the public preschool program and that after the intervention period, we could continue to keep her in preschool for a small weekly tuition fee.  

We were all a little nervous about her beginning preschool.  While we were at the evaluation, they kept referring to her as a "2-11."  Two years, eleven months old.  That really isn't that young for preschool, is it?  Aren't there parents that begin their child in a preschool type environment from birth?  

Preschool Open House
Preschool Open House
We were worried.  

Roxy, however, was thrilled.  She loved the school, her classroom and her teacher, but most of all, she loves the dollhouse in her classroom.  

The first day I worried that she would cry when we left for work.

Not hardly.

As soon as we walked into the gymnasium where the teachers and other preschoolers were, Roxy was looking around trying to find a toy to play with.  She walked off to see and left us standing there.

I walked over to remind her the Naye would pick her up after school and I'd see her that afternoon.  Her response was, "Bye.  See you later."

First Day of Preschool
Preschool Open House
As Russ and I left the gym, I looked back and she was engrossed and didn't even realize we were gone.  I, however, was on the verge of tears.

I made it through the day and so did she.  The second day was even better.

I still can't believe that in 2 years and 11 months, my preemie has become a preschooler.  Whoever said time flies when you're having fun wasn't lying!

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