Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Miss Roxy has been so busy growing up so quick.  She amazes me every single day with what she has learned and what she knows. 

Her vocabulary is huge.  She can count to 17...if she really wants to.  She can count backwards from 10 (thank you, Mickey Mouse!).  She can sing her ABCs and recognizes both upper and lower case letters.  She knows her colors and her shapes.  She sings a long with children's songs.  She makes up her own silly songs.  She can spell her name and recognize it.  

She's getting so big.  She's weighing in around 32 pounds these days and I bet she's grown three inches in the past couple of months.  We're quickly approaching a complete 3T wardrobe.

Every baby at our house and at Naye's house have names.  In addition to Rella, Beauty, Belle, Tiana, Arial, and Snow White, we have Molly, Sally, Maggie, Ruby, Jody, Beth, Sadie, Fat Baby, Blue Baby and Green Baby.  She named them all and can tell you each one's name when shown the baby doll.

The battle of potty-training is ongoing.  For Nana Pam, she does what she needs to with no accidents and can wear big girl panties all day long.  For us, well, we're still having problems, but we'll get there!

Here are some of her favorites right now at 33 months:

Color:  Kentucky blue (Mongo's to blame, I'm afraid!)

TV Show:  Mickey Mouse (especially the Donald Beanstalk episode)

Food:  Spaghetti with meatballs or chicken & rice with gravy, lima beans and corn

Best Friend:  Asher

Song:  Party Rock by LMFAO (This one is all my fault!)

Some Nicknames:  Goofy (Mongo), Mini-Samantha (Mommy), Ding-a-Ling (Pap), Babycakes (Naye), Homer (BooBoo)

Right now, we are counting down to her birthday.  In just over two months, she will turn three.  We've reached the point where her features no longer show a baby, but a little girl.  It's been bittersweet for Mommy, but we are so proud of our little one!

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