Thursday, April 26, 2012

"I have to pee."

That is a phrase that soon is going to strike fear in me as I try to quickly locate the most convenient public restroom.  

Roxy's been potty-training for a while.  The first time she tinkled on the potty was nearly a year ago. It was slow going at first, but just like a lot of other kids, a little bulb came on and suddenly we were what seems like a potty-training frenzy.  

At first, she did do better at Nana Pam's than at home, but soon she was peeing freely at home, at Nana's, at Naye's, and even at church!

Today was her first day in real honest-to-goodness big girl panties.  Cinderella, of course, only Cinderella panties would work for our first official day.

No accidents at Nana's house, no accidents while having dinner with Gigi.  Only 1 accident all day.

Lots of showing everyone her big girl panties.  Even the hostess and waitress at Cracker Barrel.  Naye and Pap and Nana Pam.  Everybody got to see her blue Cinderella big girl panties.

My baby girl is growing up.  And me, I have a feeling I'm going to be scoping out public restrooms in advance when we head out.  

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