Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Listable Life} 5 Celebrities I'd Have Dinner With

I'm linking up with the awesome Nicole at Moments that Define Life for her Listable Life meme again this Tuesday.  You should check it out and join up!

My own photo of Gary Allan
Source: google.com via Chasity on Pinterest

Gary Allan - Anyone who knows me very well knows that I absolutely adore this man.  He's been my favorite singer since way back in 1998 when I first heard his then hit single, "Her Man."  I've seen him in concert a few times (at least 4, but probably more).  

I took my mom to see him in concert for her birthday two years ago and I swear, he pointed right to us as he was singing the last song of his set.

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Margaret Mitchell - My favorite book is Gone With the Wind by Ms. Mitchell.  I would love to have dinner with her and find out what inspired her to invent the characters of Scarlett and Rhett.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - I was a fan of Earnhardt way back when the 8 car was still a red car.  I don't know what we'd talk about, but maybe he could give me a ride around the racetrack or something....

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Tina Fey - I just finished her book, Bossypants, and I have to say, I would love to meet her in person to see if she's as funny in person as she is on paper.  By the way, I loved the book!

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Stephanie Meyer - Famous author of the Twilight saga.  I just want to ask her how on earth the story line came about.  Apparently in a dream?  I love the series, but I don't know how something as magical as vampires and werewolves just appear in a dream.  Maybe my dreams just aren't exciting enough?

Two authors, one actress, a NASCAR driver and a singer. Who would you have dinner with if given the opportunity?


  1. I wish my dreams would yield an exciting book series too! :-) Great list! Thanks for linking up! :-)

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I wish I could link up more, but sometimes I just can't get my list right :)

    2. Thats ok! It doesn't have to fit the mold perfectly either, you can make it your own a bit. My list isn't a perfect fit this week ;-)

  2. HA, I think I'd love to meet Dale Jr. too. I bet he's got a great sense of humor. (And our household's been a fan from way back too!)

    1. I was on the fence about adding him, but it would be great to meet him. I bet he's really down to earth!

  3. Tina Fey is a great one! I like Gary Allen too, I had a Miranda Lambert on mine! haha

    1. Miranda Lambert is great! She and Blake Shelton are super cute together!

  4. Replies
    1. I knew who she was (thanks to the Sarah Palin skits on SNL), but until I read her book, I didn't realize how funny she is.


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