Monday, February 20, 2012

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My pal, Roxanne at Unintentionally Brilliant, tagged me in a meme.  The rules?  Answers 11 questions she posted for me to respond to and then tag 11 people I want to answer 11 questions I want to know.  

Thanks, Rox!

Roxanne's 11 Questions

1. Why the hell did your parents give you that name?  I was named after Samantha on Bewitched.  Rose just went well with Samantha unless you want to listen to my Aunt Rosa or Great Aunt Rose.  They think I was named after them.  

2. Is there a song with your name in it that everyone sings as if you’ve never heard the song before? Is it sung by Sting? What about Ewan Macgregor? That’s what I thought.  The only song which has my name in it is Calling Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks.  However, my mom and my daughter will forever have people singing "Roxannnnnnne" even though my mom hates it and my daughter will, too.  

3. What was your first job? Why did you ever leave?  My first job was waitressing at a local pool hall.  I didn't leave, but was rather let go because the owner's niece and my archnemisis from high school took my job over.  There was no need for me anymore.  

4. Have you bought a copy of Barcode yet? Why the hell not?  I'm going to have to look that one up.  I have not bought  it yet.  

5. Isn’t Handflapper one of the most beautiful women on the Twitter? The orange shirt and martini glass really bring out the red in her lips.  Absolutely!

6. How many is too many when it comes to browser tabs?  I try to keep it under five.  Usually have at least two going.  

7. Can you name any Jeremy London movies without looking it up? (Mallrats doesn’t count. That just proves you read this post.)  I have no idea who Jeremy London is.  

8. What is one stereotype people usually associate with you? Is it true?  Quiet.  And it is not at all true.  I just tend to be shy until I warm up around people.  

9. If you were a tree, what kind of animal would you be?  If I were a tree, I wouldn't be an animal.  

10. Why do papercuts hurt so damn much?  I wish I knew, I really do.  I just wish I didn't get so many!

11. What is your all-time favorite book?  Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  

My 11 Tags

Samantha at Miracles
Dana at Dillightful Musings
Julie at Balancing Mama
Liz at a belle, a bean and a chicago dog
Chele at On the tips of my fingers

Okay, does only tagging 7 people make me a bad instruction follower?  Probably.  I would tag Roxanne if she hadn't tagged me in the first place.

My 11 Questions

1.      Hamburger or cheeseburger?  How do you want yours dressed?  Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, etc.?
2.      What do you think of Gary Allan?
3.      What is your favorite thing to do for yourself?
4.      Valentine's Day?  Good or bad?
5.      Are you a Pinterest junkie?  Do you need an invite?
6.      Babe or Cupcake?
7.      Do you work with that one person that annoys you to pieces?  What is the most annoying thing they have ever done?
8.      Short hair or long?
9.      Do you own an iPhone?  What is the best/worst thing about it?
10.    What is your favorite fundraiser for a charity?  What would you have to donate to?
11.    Are you going to play along with me?


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