Monday, February 27, 2012


'Rella (short for Cinderella) is Roxy's favorite doll.  She usually does not want to play with Sleeping Beauty, Ariel or Belle, or even Fat Baby (yes, we have a doll named Fat Baby).  Rella goes to sleep with Roxy most nights in her bed right beside Roxy's.  Sometimes Rella goes with Roxy to Nana Pam's because Roxy can't stand the thought of her home alone.  

I had never realized how far into that "pretending to be mommy" phase we were in until this weekend.  

An anxious Roxy pulled her Rella doll away from Mongo and clutched her to her chest.  "Are you okay?" she asked the doll.  

Roxy laid Rella down in Rella's bed and stood at the foot of it.  "Where you hurt?.....I'll kiss it."  She bent over and kissed Rella on the forehead.  

"Is it better?" she asked the doll.  "Its okay!" she pronounced.  

Mongo asked Roxy is Rella was okay after she was finished mothering her doll.  Roxy replied with an enthusiastic, "You betcha!"

My mom and I were trying hard to cover our laughter as the scene played out in front of us.  Roxy was too busy rocking, feeding, and playing with Rella to even notice.  

I am really glad that Roxy got two Rella dolls for Christmas.  Thank goodness we have a backup in case of emergency!

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