Thursday, February 2, 2012

One for the Money

Spoiler Alert - If you have not been to see One for the Money and do not want it spoiled for you, please read no further!

Over the weekend, I went out with my mom and my best friend, Jenn, to celebrate my 29th birthday with a little dose of Janet Evanovich.  

One for the Money opened just four days after my birthday and I have been contemplating the who/what of a potential movie almost since I started reading the books 10 years ago.  

In preparation for going to see the movie and since its only been years and years since I've read One for the Money, I began to read it on Thursday which only built my anxiousness to see the movie.  However, it was also so fresh in my mind that I could clearly distinguish between the deviances from the book and the times they used exact dialogue from the book.  

First, let me say that the cast was somewhat surprising.  I never pictured Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie Plum.  The most disappointing to me, however, was Vinnie.  He did not look or portray the Vinnie from the books.  Grandma Mazur (pronounced "May-zer,"  not "Maa-zer," as I previously thought) was good, but I felt she could have been built up a lot.  She is a large part of the comedy act in the books and that didn't necessary follow through into the movies.  She and Lula have me laughing out loud while reading!

I loved the fact that they did bring the movie into current times.  Even though I loved the 80s and early 90s, I was not looking forward to the teal eyeliner and Reebok high tops referenced in the first book.  

Benito Ramirez and Jimmy Alpha were characters I wasn't fond of.  I think Benito especially could have come across a little more mentally unstable as he was in the book rather than the bada$$ attitude he attempted in the movie.  He didn't come across as sinister as I thought he could have.  Jimmy Alpha's character was just a little too young for me.  I expected him to be a bit older as he was portrayed in the books.  

Sherry Shepherd as Lula - FANTASTIC!  

Jason O'Mara was not what I expected as Morelli, but I'd be his cupcake anytime!  Daniel Sunjata played Ranger very well, but I hope they make a sequel so that I can see his relationship with Stephanie become the tease it has remained throughout the remainder of the books.

In the end, it was a good movie.  I'll watch it again.  I'd like there to be a sequel (especially if it goes in the direction of the Twilight series and only gets better with time!).  

And now, I'll just go back to waiting for the release of 19 in June of this year so I can continue reading all about Stephanie's mishaps.  Maybe one day, she'll choose the man for her life!

Footnote - Jenn had never read the books, but enjoyed the movie.  She borrowed the first 7 books that night to read and has already made it through 4!

**Photos were taken from the site for One for the Money.  The Morelli patch above was taken from (the store).


  1. I thought the movie was hilarious.

    But I was super disappointed that Lula wasn't as big as she seemed in the books, and Ranger wasn't either. I expected somebody more intimidating looking.

    But all in all, a pretty good book. I remember back when I was reading the first few in the series, my friend and I were talking about turning it into a screenplay. Looks like I missed out! ;)

    1. My mom and I tossed names around for ages about who would be good for which characters :)

      I thought it was funny. I guess my biggest disappointment was that Ranger wasn't around as much. His part seemed small, which I guess was the way it was in the book.

  2. Well you already know my thoughts on it, but I wish they had found someone who really loved the books to direct/produce. I'm bummed that Heigl didn't even capture the Jersey accent, let alone the essence of Stephanie!

    1. I still think that Sandra Bullock would have been a good Stephanie...or Debra Messing. Granda Mazur should have been Cloris Leachman or Betty White.

      At least there were Morelli and Ranger to look at :)


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