Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Funny things

Roxy is spouting off sentences like nobody's business these days and its cracking me up!  There are some things that I have no idea where she picked it up from.  But there are some that I've heard myself or Russ say often.  

Some of my favorites:

"Yes, I did!"  Usually the main response when I asked if she had fun at Nana Pam's and playing with Waverly.  It is almost always said very emphatically.

"Nope."  There is no simple "no" anymore.  Its "nope" and the "pe" has to pop.  I could do without hearing this one very often.  

"That's Roxy!  That's me!"  She's realizing that she is Roxy and Roxy is her.  She's got the use of "me" and "you" down pat these days.  

"Get out of there."  Mainly used on the weekends when I am still in bed and she wants me out.  As much as we've tried, there is no putting her in bed with us on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning to relax.  She wants you up and at 'em and early.

"I can do it."  She's trying to be independent and she doesn't want a lot of help these days.  Although, if she gets stuck we do hear "Help.  Help me!"

"Oh, tank you!" and "Oh, hi, Mommy!"  These crack me up on a daily basis.  I give her a hug and she says, "Oh, tank you!"  As soon as I walk in the door, little feet run and a face appears at the top of the stairway with an "Oh, hi, Mommy!"

My personal favorite was said this weekend for the very first time.

My mom and I were outside.  Roxy managed to open the patio door and said, "Get in here, Mongo!"  My mom and I kept talking.  From in the house, we hear, "I'm talking to you."  We couldn't help but laugh.  Russ looked out the door and said, "Samantha says that all the time."  And I do.  Roxy hears it often.  I think I might be hearing it a lot in the future myself.  

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