Friday, January 20, 2012

Roxy's Room Makeover

In all actuality, it would probably be more appropriate to deem this post "Roxy's Room Redecoration."  The only massive change was removing the crib and adding the toddler bed. 

It was lots of fun and very cost effective to re-do Roxy's room from her lady bugs to her current princess/fairy theme.  I only wish I had the before pictures to show the transformation. 

Without further ado, here is Roxy's new room:

Trying to be cost-effective, a lot of the pieces we used were awesome steals!  The 4 shadow boxes on the left hand wall were found at a yard sale as a set for $2.  The two name-brand quilted princess fairy pictures were also yard sale finds for $8.  The filler items were gifts we had from various occasions.  The "love," "dream," and "smile" words I had found at Michael's before Roxy was born for less than $1 each. 

The right hand wall showcases a homemade quilt we received as a baby gift for Roxy from a friend of my mother-in-law.  The shelf was a hand-me-down from one of my aunts.  We already had the two pictures, piggy bank and flowers. 

This is my favorite wall in Roxy's room.  We purchased the wooden letters for her nursery, but I repositioned them for a slight twist on the concept.  I also added wooden details that I found at Michael's for about a quarter a piece.  They each coordinate with Roxy's toddler beding.  We had the shelves and the other pieces before the redecoration, too.  I just relocated them into a wall display I like. 

Some more of my favorite things in Roxy's room.  The bow holder is such a great decoration all on its own.  I just need a few more!  We have way too many bows for one of these to be enough.  Thanks to Pinterest, I may be making at least one more in the near future.  I also love the hand/foot prints.  Even though the frames are basic, they are cute and my little one was so teeny when we brought her home and it shows in these prints we will always have to show off!  (The flower hooks were a yard sale find for $1 each.)

I know I keep saying "my favorite" but my very favorite item is this:

Some simple elegance to add to the fun and frilly room of a very spirited, intelligent, beautiful, and energetic little spitfire!



  1. Her room looks great! Don't you just love garage sales - you can find some real steals. Chandelier = WOW!

  2. What a beautiful room for a lucky little princess. I wish I had met her in Alabama.

    1. I wish you had gotten to, too! Jeannie mentioned a spring/summer trip and I hope we get to come down. I bet its really pretty down there in the summer.


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