Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Preemie Links

Today I am sharing a few links I've found during Prematurity Awareness Month.  Please take a second to look 'em up!

PeekABooICU.  Jodi is a NICU RN who writes at PeekABoo ICU.  Her NICU 101 section is especially helpful and all the information on her website is fantastic.

Inspire.  This website has a preemie support group that I like.  There are always several topics to read about and you can be involved in discussions surrounding those topics.  I especially like their report, Narratives from the NICU.  

The Preemie Primer.  I just found this site and I can't wait to read Dr. Gunter's book.  

As always, check out the March of Dimes.  Check out how your state did on the Preterm Birth Report Card.  Get involved with your local March for Babies.  Link up with the March of Dimes on Facebook or Twitter.

Its Prematurity Awareness Month.  Have you hugged your preemie today?


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