Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to the Paci

Every mother has their own story to tell when it comes to getting the little ones to give up something they've grown accustomed to, i.e., bottle, pacifier, blankie, etc.

The pacifier was easy for us.  I can't even remember when it happened for good, really.  

We all know how pacifiers tend to get "lost."  They roll under the couch, under the crib, get lost in a car.  I think at one time we owned something like 20 pacifiers.  

About five months ago, we stopped replacing pacifiers as they became lost.  We didn't intentionally not replace them, we just didn't.  

Then we started letting Roxy go to bed without them.  She'd fall asleep with ease and it wouldn't be necessary.

Without paying attention, our little girl made a big step.  She no longer asks for it or wants it.  I don't even think she remembers having one.  

Now, we have one.  One for emergencies only.  



  1. Our paci story? Amelia got that painful Hand, Foot, & Mouth virus and couldn't use her paci for days. We never gave it back! She was an addict- she'd probably still have it today.

  2. We are starting to get rid of my baby's paci during the day and only use it for naps. Our sitter started it and he's been doing great! I think we relied on it more than he did sometimes!


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