Monday, October 3, 2011

I did it.

For six months, I did it everywhere

In the car on my way home.

In the bathroom at work.

While I was shopping.

At my desk.  

It was all I could think about.  

Vomit.  Puke.  Regurgitation.  Six months during my pregnancy, it ruled my life.  

There were times I couldn't get my car pulled off the road quick enough.  I started carrying trash bags with me. One open and handy in the passenger seat at all times.  

There was one time when the bathroom at the office was occupied so I had to pull out the trashcan at my desk.  Thanking God that there was not a client in the reception area at that time.  

I know the bathroom at work better than I know my own.  

My boss was going through chemo for throat cancer at the same time and we would joke about getting sick in the car and both of us being on Zofran at the same time.  

This weekend brought back memories of those days.

Two more locations to add to my list...  Wal-Mart and Cracker Barrel.  

I have to say that at Wal-Mart, I did manage to wait until I was alone in the restroom.  At Cracker Barrel, I was not so lucky.  As a matter of fact, as I went to wipe my eyes and blow my nose, I realized I picked the one stall without any toilet paper.  

Just my luck.


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