Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Named after a witch.

I was named after a witch.  A good-hearted witch, but a witch nonetheless.  

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How did my parents decide on my name?  Well, Bewitched was a popular show in my parents' day and my mom decided she liked it so much that I would be named either Samantha and Tabitha.  I think my dad wanted Tabitha and my mom wanted Samantha or something like that.  I can promise you one thing - I cannot wiggle my nose.
My name "listener"  in Aramaic and English.  It is a form of Samuel, but does not hold the Hebrew meaning of "heard by God" as Samuel does.  

I do know that the meaning behind the name is not appropriate.  I can listen and I do listen a lot, but I am a born talker!  My mom swears that from the first word on, everyone's been hard put to get a word in edgewise.  

Likewise, when we selected Roxy's name, we gave no thought to the meaning behind the name.  Rather, we wanted to name her after both grandmothers and Eugenia Roxanne she was!  

Eugenia is Greek and means "of noble descent."  Roxanne is Persian and/or Greek for "star; bright; dawn."  With Roxy just turning two, I think I can safely say that both of these definitions fit my little princess to a T.  Without meaning to, we hit the nail on the head.  Miss Roxy is both the light (star) of our life and our little princess!

I'm thinking that regardless of whether one looks into the meaning behind the name they choose for their child or not, no one knows whether that definition will match up or not until years after the moniker is stuck!


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