Monday, September 12, 2011


I was more anxious than I had been since Roxy was in the NICU.  What were they going to say?  Is there something wrong?  How is she not perfect?

It was time for Roxy's 2 year NICU Graduate Clinic appointment.  We had a love-hate relationship from the very first visit.  I was hoping so much that she would graduate, but considering they still wanted to do an MRI of her brain, I doubted it would happen.  

We were the first appointment of the morning so we were ushered in quickly and Roxy was belted into a seat across from which the therapist of choice would sit and test her skills.  Skills that I wasn't for sure she would know.  I mean, sure we think our daughter is intelligent beyond her two years, but these people were going to test her to see.  

The physical therapist was first in line and she tested not only Roxy's physical abilities such as running, jumping, walking, and going up and down steps, but she tested her cognitive skills by a series of tasks.  Roxy had to put cheerios in a container and get them out, put shaped puzzle pieces in the right hole, draw, squeeze a ducky, and so much more.  The testing continues until a child misses so many tasks in a row.  As the test goes on, the tasks get harder.

Our speech therapist's testing was a surprise to me.  I thought there would be a lot more talking involved and Roxy has such a large vocabulary I thought she would ace the test.  Instead, there was some talking and some pointing.  More eating cheerios.  

After the speech therapist, we saw a dietitian.  She was impressed with Roxy's growth.  She was put in the 50th percentile for height and head circumference and only the 25-30th percentile in weight.  Perfect for a preemie who may potentially have problems with obesity and high blood pressure in the future.  

The last doctor we saw remembered visiting Roxy while she was in the NICU, but was not one of her treating physicians.  We were very sad not to see Dr. Desai who had been Roxy's treating physician during the NICU and who always remembered her at our previous Grad Clinic check-ups.  The doctor happily presented Roxy with a certificate declaring her a graduate of the NICU Grad Clinic.  We were so happy and happily shocked!  I asked about the MRI we thought was necessary and were told that with Roxy's development, there was no need to put her through an MRI.  

He also told us that Roxy was average on her physical and cognitive tests and she tested at a 2 year, 2 month level on the speech test.  That's our little motor mouth!  

We are so proud of our little fighter and everything she has accomplished through sheer determination.  Congratulations, Roxy!


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