Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#SummerBlogSocial - Where is Mommy going?

This is another post for #SummerBlogSocial hosted by Liz and Jessica.  Go check out the prompts and link up!

Prompts: Where do you see your blog in 6 months? How about a year from now?

What are your overriding goals for your blog and social media presence? How have those goals evolved over time?

I've been blogging longer than the almost 2 years that Mommy to a Princess has been around.  To be honest, I can't remember what my first blog's name was, but I think I deleted that account shortly before Roxy was born.  It was a vent and an online journal for me.  A friend from college and I decided we each needed one when her crush was discovered to have one.

When Roxy was born 11 weeks early, we took to CaringBridge.org to keep family and friends up-to-date with what was going on.  Once she was home and no longer in critical condition, I started the blog in lieu of CaringBridge and that's how we became the-pridgen-family.blogspot.com. 

The Pridgen Family was around for a while and then I decided I wanted a new name and a new look, and maybe I would be able to review some products and branch out from my original "keep everyone updated on Roxy" phase. 

I bought the domain name I wanted and I've worked hard to come up with a background and header that I like and had a blog assessment by Eli Rose Social Media.  With all of that done, I've come to the conclusion that I like blogging just to blog just fine.  I don't want to push reviews and giveaways all the time.  Maybe an occasional giveaway. 

My goal for the blog for the next six months is to network with my newest friends and to build a community around my blog.  Write about things that are important to me - Roxy, March of Dimes, prematurity, and our every day home life.  Some people might be bored and not want to follow and that's okay. 

I used to think that I was failing at this because I only had 8 followers and then 15 and so on.  I'm happy with my 54 and will welcome new ones with open arms.  This is my space.  I want blogging to be fun again and not feel like I'm failing.  And I know I can't fail because its my expectations and no one else's. 

As for a year from now?  Who knows!  We'll see where we go in this new direction.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. 


  1. I love your goals. I definitely like hearing about Roxy and her journey in the NICU, and hope you post more information about that (it's important to get the info out!). But I also enjoy your "other" blogging. Every day life. For some reason, it's nice to read and connect that way.

  2. Its funny how quickly things can change. My blog went from zero to more than zero all of a sudden. I think it was the networking I was doing, meeting other bloggers online and finding my voice, finally. It sounds like you have found yours, if you write it, they will come...

  3. I love your attitude. So positive! And I've seen sooooo many people mention Eli Rose as a huge help. I'm totally going to have to try that. Glad to have found you.

  4. I love hearing about people's stories. Ever life is full if them and blogging is a way to share your stories, your journey, with others.

    As someone who blogs about living with mental illness, I think its important to share things like your daughter's journey with NICU and how you've found your way through that. I think we find strength through the stories of someone else facing adversity, even of a different sort, and finding a way to over-come them.

    Keep doing what you love, writing about what matters to you and sharing your journey. The rest will come on its own.

    I like that your goals for your blog are relaxed and you're just rolling with the punches. There's strength in that!

  5. When yo write a niche blog, you'll probably have a smaller number of followers. But what you want is a great cadre of readers (and hopefully commenters!). It sounds like you have some nice goals laid out!

  6. I think you will find that you will find more and more things to write about that aren't related to JUST those things...but keeping that focus will help you build that community! It's one of the most rewarding things about blogging, even more so than the money (which is like, 50 cents ;) ) Giveaway blogs are a dime a dozen, but you may be able to get paid opportunities for just being you! keep doing what you're doing...you're doing great :)

  7. And right now I'm reading this and see 57! Each day that goes by, you'll watch your blog grow more and more. :)


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