Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#SummerBlogSocial - HELP!

I am once again linking up with Liz at a belle, a bean and a chicago dog and Jessica at Four Plus An Angel for the #SummerBlogSocial event.  This time?  I'm asking for your expertise.  Help me be a better blogger!

Tell us about an element or two of your blog or social media presence that you are unsure of and would like opinions on.

Twitter - I feel like I have the basics down, but the hashtag thing?  I am so lost.  How do people make them funny?  Mine seem lame and textbook-ish!  When do you know to RT a message?  Twitter etiquette?  Am I really doing this right at all?
Disqus - To install or not?  I am not having a lot of luck engaging in discussion with commenters through Blogger.  I really want to make the switch to Wordpress, but the process scares me to death!
Tell us about something blog or social media-related that you see as a strength of yours, as well as an area that you could improve upon.

Writing is a strength I think.  I post frequently and I try to include relevant graphics to the post (i.e., they are mostly about Roxy and I am a camera freak with tons of pictures of her!).

I am trying to start a weekly post about prematurity and I think I need to really work at getting it off the ground.  I'm not going to spread awareness of preemie issues if I don't post about them.

If you had to start over with your blog, what would you change and why?

First off, I would spend more time thinking of a name.  This is the second time I've switched and I'm still not in love with it.  I would also break out of my routine of constantly writing about Roxy earlier and write posts on other topics of interest which is what I'm trying to start doing now. 

I also like to think that I would have jumped on the bandwagon with Twitter and Facebook earlier and built up a readership there! 


  1. In terms of Twitter: I wouldn't really worry too much about hashtags. I use them for relevant topics, like if I'm tweeting about the Real Housewives, I'll include a #RHONY tag. As far as comical ones, I'll use them here and there, but some people overuse them and it is super annoying.
    There is really no specific RT etiquette. If you read something that really speaks to you then by all means RT it. But don't feel like you have to RT everything.
    As far as commenting, I use Intense Debate and so far have not had any problems with it. I think you need something on Blogger because commenting on Blogger stinks w/o a 3rd party to help. And replying to comments is really useful to helping connect with people.
    I'm new here and so far it seems like you are on the right track. If I had to give you any advice I would say, look into making your text a bit bigger so it is easier to read, but maybe that's just me and my bad eyes!!

  2. 1. Don't be scared by WP! I PROMISE it's not scary!
    2. If you know of other moms of preemies, you could ask them to guest post some weeks to help bring awareness of your weekly feature.

  3. love that you're trying to find a niche (preemies) and run with it. ask for guest posters and guest post at other preemie sites.

    as for the twitter thing... RT what you like. if you see something funny that you'd like to repeat, retweet!! haha. and hashtags... just have fun! could be funny, serious, whatever. doesn't have to make sense at all!

  4. what's your twitter name?? i tried clicking on your twitter button up there and it said "page not found"!!

  5. WP is great, a little overwhelming at first but you will quickly get used to it and love it. As far as twitter goes, just keep jumping into conversations and don't RT something unless you really like it. No need to hashtag unless you want to or it comes naturally or if you are writing about a certain subject like #preemies.
    As for writing about preemies, I think a weekly series would be great. That is a subject close to my heart so let me know if you need any help getting it started.

  6. I'm really excited about your weekly series about preemies. As you know, my little man was a preemie too (although not nearly as tiny as Roxy). I think you're doing a great job with your blog. And Twitter, you kind of catch on. Just keep at it.

    I've never used Disqus but I use Intense Debate on my blogger site. That way I can easily reply to specific comments, rather than just leaving a new one. It's really easy.

    But if you are interested in switching to WP, there's a lot of bloggers out there who have made the switch and would be willing to help you with any questions.

  7. I'm fairly new to Twitter and just started using hashtags. I use whatever comes to mind or seems appropriate.

    I have also been thinking about changing my blog name, but I don't want to go through any hassle so I think I can live with it. And, I also wish I had joined Twitter sooner. It seems like a good place to build relationships with others.


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