Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Six years ago I was 22 years old.  I was getting ready to celebrate my second year at my first real job.  I had my own desk, my own space, and my own business cards. 

And then the ax fell. 

I wasn't getting fired.  No.  Our non-profit agency was losing its contract to a big university and we weren't going with the program.  There were six of us and each of us were out of a job.  We found out in June that our last day would be July 31st.  And guess who had to pack up the office?  We spent weeks cleaning and packing and putting away so that someone else could take over our job.  Not fun!

I also spent those last few weeks applying everywhere.  Any ad in the local paper I thought I qualified for?  I sent a resume and cover letter.  My aunt and uncle convinced me to apply to a legal secretary position and I did even though I thought myself very lacking in experience for a law office. 

After making it through a second interview at a temp agency (to work for the agency, not as a temp) and being rejected, I finally got a call from the law office for an interview. 

I showed up at the interview in a new black suit with bleachy blond hair past my shoulders.  I interviewed and I went home knowing that I was not going to get the job.  Have I ever transcribed?  Um, what is that again?  My actual response was, "No, but I am sure I can learn!"

Amazingly enough, a week later I was called and offered the position.  To this day, I don't know if I was a first choice or something a little further down the line, but I accepted the position and haven't looked back. 

My start date?  August 17, 2005. 

I started as a legal secretary and by the following August, I was in school to be a paralegal and my job title had changed.

This year I'm taking the Certified Kentucky Paralegal Exam to be Samantha, CKP.  We'll see how that goes!

Just goes to show, things are constantly changing and evolving - me, included!  And there is a silver lining to every gray cloud.  Happy 6th Work-i-versary to me!


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