Monday, August 29, 2011

F You by Amy at Spread a Little Thin

Amy was gracious enough to volunteer to write a post for me while I am busy visiting my in-laws this week.  Amy blogs at Spread A Little Thin.  You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook

Amy is a stay-at-home mom who will be returning to work soon.  She plays many roles in her family.  Mom, wife, volleyball coach and hairstylist are the main ones.  You check out the other roles she takes on by visiting her at her place

Thank you, Amy, for guest posting for me! 

Annie has this way about her.

She has this attitude.

I call it her "f you" attitude.

You can add "f you" to the end of her sentences, and, somehow it fits.  

Somehow her brain thinks its appropriate to flip someone off with just a look.

Maybe its her ability to question everything.

Maybe its the way she phrases things.

Maybe its just her.

Maybe its because she's my daughter, which is most likely.

Maybe I like it. 

Well not maybe, I do like it.

For right now it makes me laugh.

Its odd to have this, petite, sweet looking, doe eyed,  4 year old tell you off.  Or give you and big "f you" with her pretty blue eyes. 

I mean look at her.

Doesn't she look to angelic to tell someone to go "f" themselves?

That's what I thought.

This makes me very happy.  She is unsuspecting.  She will take people by surprise.  She will make people double take.

Do you know how many 16 year old boys are going to get junk punched by this little blond hair girly?  These boys should really watch themselves.

Do you know how many college freshmen are going to be turned down by this little girl with the "f you" attitude?

This all makes me very happy.

I tend to believe that being able to tell people to "f" off makes you not afraid to stand up for yourself.  It makes you more aware of your beliefs and values.  It makes you more self assured.  It makes you stand for things that truly matter.

So, if she tells me to "f off" in the process, so be it.

She will have another thing coming to her, like being grounded until shes 30.

But secretly, I will smile and be glad that I raised a self-assured ass kicker.

That, I will be happy about.  

Thanks again, Amy!

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