Monday, July 25, 2011

Yard Salin'

I decided to have a yard sale this weekend.  Its always been a way to make some quick money and we really had plenty of stuff to sell.  Mostly Roxy and my stuff, with just a little of Russ' thrown in. 

Although it was painfully hot outside, we had a decent crowd at our house most of the morning.  I always find it nice to talk to the various people and get to know someone you generally wouldn't know.

One of our first customers was a guy who literally scared me.  He looked like a defensive back and had an indiscernible accent.  When he approached me, I was honestly a little scared and couldn't understand a word he was saying.  After a adjusting to his accent, I realized he was trying to dicker on the price of Roxy's old stuffed animals.  I had priced them $0.25 each even though some of them were practically brand new; there was a whole tote of at least 40 them just waiting to be picked through.  He asked what I would take for the whole tote.  Being busy and having an already occupied mind, I said I would take $5.00 for the whole tote which I thought was very fair.  He did not ask, but rather told me to, "Come down."  I asked for $4.00 and he counted a second time with $3.00.  I was already scared of him and we weren't getting anywhere.  Finally I told him he could have them for $3.00 in hopes of quickly getting him off our property. 

Once that guy left, things settled in for a bit. 

I had to send Russ for change for a second time.  (Everyone was paying with $20 bills, even if they only bought a $0.25 item!)  Before he left, he marked an old vacuum that he's had for years and years with a "make offer" sticker.  He had hoped to get a nice sum for it.  I forewarned him that if someone offered $5 while he was gone, I would take it.  I never dreamed that the old gentleman who pulled up next would be the exact one to make the $5 offer.  He came so close on the heels of Russ leaving, I swear they passed each other on the road.  I accepted his $5 offer and now we have one less vacuum taking up space!

To me, all of Roxy's clothing had been fairly priced.  Everything was pretty much $0.25 for the single items and for outfits, $0.50 or $1.  There were only two outfits that I priced higher.  A Mud Pie Christmas outfit for $2 and a Janie & Jack dress for $5.  Anywho... A nice lady came by and was picking through the clothes to find stuff for her unborn granddaughter.  We chatted while she looked and then came time to talley up the huge armloads of clothes she had picked up.  The total came to $12 when everything was added up and we had a large reusable shopping bag full.  Don't get me wrong, I understand the need to dicker over prices and have no objection, but I was a little shocked when this woman asked me to take 1/2 of the total.  Especially since it was quite obvious that she could afford $12 for the large quantity of clothes and baby items she picked up.  I gave in because I was aggravated and gave it all to her for $7.  Not only did she get everything for 1/2 price, but she had completed ransacked the clothes table and it had to straightened up again!

It was a very interesting day and I always meet lots of interesting people, but in the end, I always feel like I'm not ready to do it again anytime soon. 

Early afternoon on Saturday, I decided that Roxy's clothes that didn't sell are going free to a little girl who needs them more than some of the others might have.  Everything was still in such good shape, it was hard to imagine throwing it away.  The rest of the items - household and other miscellaneous - are going to be taken to my mom's office and used for their Relay for Life yardsale next year.  That leaves us with a good feelin' and about $150 in extra cash.  Win-win.


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  1. Yard sales can be so stressful. I hate when people haggle for an item that's 50 cents. It's like, really?


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