Friday, July 15, 2011


I had taken a break from playing outside with my brother and was hiding in the closet under the stairs at my grandparents' house.  Tucked inside was the greatest treasure my seven-year-old eyes had ever saw.  My grandmother's high heels.  Shoes I'd never saw on her feet were now adorning mine.  My dirty little girl feet only took up about half the size 7 1/2 shoes, but I didn't care that the slingbacks weren't pressed against my ankles in a snug fit. 

As much as I wanted to, I didn't dare clomp around the house in them.  This wasn't the first time I'd worn them, but last week they had gotten me in trouble.  They were her favorite and I would only tear them up.  Instead I was given a pair that I didn't like as well to play in. 

I can't remember the number of times that I sat in the closet with those shoes on my feet.  Looking back now, I can't recall why they drew me in every time.  They were simple.  Taupe with a wood heel about two inches tall.  They were peep-toes and the leather sported a cutout pattern that's back in style today. 

After my grandmother moved from that house I never saw those shoes again.  I was older and it had been a while since I had hid out in the closet with them.  It doesn't matter that its been over 20 years since that day in the closet, I can clearly see those shoes in my mind.  I wish I knew where they had went.  It would be great to have those as a reminder of my grandmother. 

Looking back at all the times I snuck in there to wear those shoes and all the times I settled for clunking around the house in the other pair, I understand now why Roxy has such a fascination with wearing Mommy's shoes around the house.  It also explains a lot when it comes to the shoe collection I hoarded when I was single and living alone. 

This prompt was written in response to the Red Writing Hood prompt, "Shoes."



  1. I love this memory!

    Abbey loves wearing my shoes around. My husband doesn't like it, because he thinks she'll hurt herself, but I don't mind it, because I used to do it with my aunt's gorgeous shoes :)

  2. Memories are precious aren't they? So glad that stuck with you all these years. You described that time in your "little girl" life perfectly.

  3. Such a sweet memory and I love that you see the same fun and fascination in your own sweetie!

  4. I am unsure if my first comment made it through, if it did, you can jst disreguard this one. :)

    I wanted to tell you how much I loved this beautiful post! I was the same way with my gran's bangles. She is still with me today, but this post made me think of that and I teared up thinking aobut it bacause she is 80+ and on the decline...I don't know what i'll ever do without her.

    Buuuut, i'm going to call her RIGHT NOW (i'm unable to drive due to the surgery I just had on my neck) and wear her bangles TODAY! :D

    New follower on GC and FB!! LOVE your blog!

    And P.S. Yes! That little poem was a 5 minute materpiece! (They don't always turn out like that darling!! haha)

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  5. I love this post! I used to dress up in my Gram's shoes and shawls all the time when I was little. Such sweet memories, thanks for the reminder.

    Happily following you from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I would love it if you would follow back. Stop on by and say hi!



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