Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Princess Party

I thought you all might want a Princess Roxy update since I haven't posted much about her or any new pictures in what seems like ages.  Here's a glimpse of our weekend:

On Sunday, Princess Roxy and I traveled for an hour to go to her friend, Addy's second birthday party.  (In all actuality, Addy and Roxy have only met once and it is Addy's mom and I that are really good friends.)  Even though the weather was unbearably hot and we were all sweating like crazy, we had a great time. 

Addy had a "Tangled" birthday theme and there were balloons and cake and treat bags and tons of food.  Roxy had some watermelon while we watched Addy open her gifts and then she enjoyed a small piece of chocolate cake.  After the cake was over, the kids all headed up the hill to ride the train. 

Grandmomma rode the train with Roxy and said that after about halfway through, she enjoyed herself immensely. 

Roxy really enjoyed playing with the other children and she loved modeling her new sunglasses that were in her treat bag. 

After the party, we went back to Grandmomma's house and Roxy had a blast smelling flowers.  She had to check out all the new ones that Grandmomma has planted this year.  She had a big time telling us that this one was purple and this one was pink.  Yellow and orange.  We have such a smart little girl!


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