Friday, July 22, 2011

Planning an Imagination Movers Birthday Party

So with just under two months left before Princess Roxy turns the big 2, I am in the midst of planning a spectacular second birthday party with a theme of Imagination Movers.  The bad thing about this theme is that Disney has not cashed in the market they would probably would have with Imagination Movers party decorations.  (Get on that, Disney, will you?)  So a lot of my ideas are my own and some were taken from the Disney Junior website and have been adjusted to fit my need for ease and what I can find to work with. 

My latest idea is the one I am most excited about so I am going to share it first.  We are having Roxy's party at a shelter at a local park.  Since its going to be outside and away from home, I have opted to go with cupcakes rather than a birthday cake.  What am I going to top those cupcakes with that will match the theme?  My original idea was to use sprinkles similar to the cake shown on the Disney Junior site.  However, I came up with a brilliant idea.  My only addition is going to be adding a little orange icing between the ears to make the mice favor Warehouse Mouse a little bit more!  One of these sitting atop each cupcake should really help the theme pop!

I know you've seen it before, but I can't help but show again the cutest outfit I found on Etsy for Roxy to wear.  No blue and red jumpsuit for her! 

The invitations were also ordered from Etsy.  How awesome it is that I ordered the invite, had it emailed to me in a high resolution digital file and can print as many as I want or need?  I love it!  The invite prints as two invites per 4x6 photo and the individual invites fit into a common check-sized mailing envelopes.  I think I may have to buy the matching thank you card digital file for afterwards! 

As for decorating itself, I am planning to use the standard plain red, blue and yellow balloons and tablecloths.  For a backdrop on the wall that will house the cake and gifts table, we are going to make a backdrop that will feature the gears that are seen in the warehouse on the show.  To make it, we are going to use lime green tablecloths and spray pain the gears in silver/gray all over it.  I think instead of ordering a banner this year, I may have to find some stencils to spray Happy Birthday, Roxy on it as well. 

The favor bags are going to be simple.  I am making them out of brown paper lunch sacks.  I am going to use a yellow cardstock oval outlined in red as a "flap" on the bag.  The oval is going to say the Movers theme which is "Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!" I will post more about these when I start to work on them. 
As for activites for the kids, I am still debating on whether to have a pinata and I think I am going to have coloring sheets of the Movers and crayons for coloring. 

I am only starting the work on the party, but I am seriously hoping that this all comes together in time for Roxy turning 2. 

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  1. That's awesome! My friend ordered her invite from ETSY as well! I am going to try making my own on photoshop. I love the tutu outfit! I ordered Audrey's birthday onesie from there and bought the tulle to make her tutu. Wish me luck!! Looks awesome and love your ideas!!


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