Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fantastic Fourth - Weekend Rewind

We had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend!  We hope that everyone else was able to celebrate the independence of our country with lots of fun and more importantly, safely!

Our weekend started with a trip to an ENT for Roxy.  We were worried that her many ear infections may be leading to serious after effects.  Roxy went to visit Dr. Parell who was Mommy's ENT many years ago for tubes and ear drum reconstruction.  Dr. Parell took his time and made Roxy very comfortable being looking in her ears.  He let her put her finger over the light on his otoscope so her fingernail would light up.  He even checked out the baby dolls ears, nose and throat, too!  Both ears were clear of fluid and infection.  He indicated that unless she has another bout of infection that lasts for a couple months or until she had ear infections every other month, he didn't see any action that needed to be taken.  Go back in either of those events and tubes would be scheduled.  Yay for healthy ears!

Mommy and NayNay made time to go yard-saling early Saturday morning.  It was the first time we've been since last year before we bought our house!  We weren't really looking for anything in particular, but ran across a few great finds for Roxy.  #1 was the tricycle we found for her.  She absolutely loves her "bike." 

We also found her a slide for outside, a new rug for her room, and some toys and summer clothes.  Not bad for $20 and 4 hours on a Saturday morning. 

Since Daddy was able to sell his truck last week, we've been operating with only one vehicle.  A little bit of a pain sometimes, but really we've adjusted well.  On Saturday Daddy wanted to check out a car that he thought would be just what he was looking for.  Roxy went to spend some quality time with Gigi and Daddy and Mommy headed twenty miles south to check out this 2006 Nissan Sentra.  After test driving the car and checking under the hood, Daddy made an offer.  Unfortunately, they just wouldn't work with us and we left together in the one car we have. 

On Sunday morning, we got our little firecracker ready and headed to one of her favorite places.  Church.  All we have to ask is if she's ready for church and she's headed for the gate to the stairs.  After making it through most of the beginning of the church service, Roxy went back to the nursery.  After church, we joined Gigi for lunch at Cracker Barrel. 

Later that afternoon, we spent some quality time with BooBoo and his girlfriend, Donna, Uncle Michael, Aunt Stacey, Sissy, Uncle Johnny and his girlfriend, Dani and her son, BJ.  Daddy grilled out some really yummy hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, and barbeque chicken.  After dinner, we headed outside to play corn hole.  We enjoyed visiting most of all.  Roxy even got to show off one of the new dresses BooBoo and Donna brought her back from their trip to Indianapolis!

Even though Independence Day dawned a little overcast and cooler than expected, we loaded up the car and headed to NayNay and Pap's for a cookout with Mommy's family.  There were so many people there and Roxy got to hang out with Domi and Leland.  She especially enjoyed the fresh fruit she got to have for lunch and the slip-n-slide that we put out later.  She showed off that adorable Roxy bathing suit and splashed all over the place.  She didn't want to get off after she got cold. 

We had to leave before the fireworks this year because our little firecracker was plum tuckered.  After bathtime and Baby Signing Time, she was out like a like at 7:30 p.m.  Good for us because Mommy and Daddy were just as tuckered after a long and busy holiday weekend!


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