Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 22: What's In My Purse

Day 22: What's In My Purse

This is a general list of what you might find in my purse on any given day. 
  • Miscellaneous lipsticks and glosses.  I usually carry at least two favorites with me although I never, hardly ever, wear them.
  • A ton of pens.  Usually at least a dozen in varying colors.  Definitely a Pentel RSVP fine point in black.  That's my favorite.
  • Two check books and a wallet.  The checkbooks are for my personal account and our joint account.  The wallet holds all my rewards cards, photos of Roxy, debit/credit cards and a license. 
  • Prescription meds.  Just in case I might need them, there's one for my ulcer and one for headaches.
  • Lots of receipts.  This is especially true right before the 15th and 30th cause chances are I haven't balanced the check book recently and I always do right around payday!
  • Keys - house and car and work. 
  • A change purse
  • A planner. 
  • Loose change and lint. 

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