Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 19: Something You Miss

Day 19: Something You Miss

This one is a hard one.  I'm doing my best not to turn it into someone you miss because there are certainly several people that I miss. 

Something I miss.  I probably miss getting to eat a meal while its still hot more than anything.  I'm always working with Roxy to make sure she's eating and has had enough to eat and isn't hiding dinner in the hole of her booster chair to eat myself.  When I do, its often cold. 

I guess I'm more upset with this because even though I'm eating food while its still cold, I haven't managed to lose any weight.  Dangit!  I thought that chasing after a very active toddler would have helped out by now!



  1. New follower from Monday Mingle.

  2. Hi! Im a new follower from the monday blog hop, it's nice to meet you! If you have a chance, I would love a follow back!

    I have a 2 year old and a one year old, although they were both born full term I can sympathize with you about being so concerned about you children eating enough that your own dinner turns cold. I was pretty sure thats why God invented microwaves, but I usually end up re heating it so many time I would have rather just had it cold, lol. Have a great day!


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