Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Marriage - White Castle, Real Property & Football

That's an odd title for a post about falling in love, isn't it?  You may be thinking, what the heck?  Each of those three things were important factors in Russ and I meeting and beginning our journey together. 

Real Property -

I purchased my first home a couple of months before I met Russ.  The real estate agent who showed it to me kept telling me there were two single guys that owned condos on either end of mine.  One was a personal trainer and the other was a probation and parole officer. interest was spiked, but seriously, it would never happen!  Well, yeah, it did.  Russ was the probation and parole officer and his place was just two doors down from mine.  We moved into our first family home a little shy of a year ago, but I will always treasure our time at our country condos.  Its where we met, where we spent our first year married, where we brought Roxy home. 

Football -

I had just started learning about football in September, 2008.  I decided I liked the Indianapolis Colts.  After all, I cheerleaded for the Colts squad way back in elementary school. 

At our first condo association meeting, Russ and another condo owner were discussing football.  I tried my hardest to keep up, but I was having trouble because I just didn't know enough yet.  After the other owner left, Russ and I kept talking.  His fave team?  The Colts!  That led to my first invite from Russ.  Monday Night Football on his 58" flat screen.  {It didn't happen, but it was the invite that counted, right?}

White Castle -

Awww, who doesn't love White Castle?  White Castle is where Russ and I ate the first time we actually did hang out.  On a night sans football.  We went for a late supper.  Russ had me blushing as he was cutting up with the cashier while I was trying to order. 

Six months from the day we starting talking at the condo association meeting and two days before Mother's Day, Russ asked me to marry him.  After a White Castle picnic in bed. 

I guess there are always some goofy things that we relate to special events in our life.  Who would've thought White Castle would be one of mine?

To read my Background Check and more about how Russ and I met, click here.  For more about our wedding, click here


  1. What a wonderful story! You really did marry the boy next door.

  2. I love learning all the details of how people met. So sweet!

  3. That is sweet. what brings all the best couples together. :)


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