Monday, June 6, 2011

Hereditary or not hereditary? That is the question.

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Roxy has had another double ear infection for going on five weeks now.  We are now on our third antibiotic and I'm not sure its helping.  Russ took her back to the doctor on Friday and they prescribed Azythromyacin which is stronger than any antibiotic she's had before.  We're three days in and two of those three days, she had a temperature ranging from 101 to 103.7 and ibuprofen wasn't much help.  We spent the entire day at home yesterday in fear that the fever would rear its ugly head again, but it didn't.  This morning, however, as soon as we were in the car, Roxy's little head started heating up again. 

I know ear infections are common and usually not serious.  But, we have family history behind us on this one that makes me think this could be a potential health concern for Miss Roxy.  As a small child, I had numerous ear infections and eventually had to have several sets of tubes put in in an effort to minimalize the ear infections.  Guess what?  They didn't help.  As a third grader and again as a sophomore, I was having ear drum reconstruction because of scar tissue built up around my ear drum from the perforations caused by the ear infections.  My mom says its a horrible feeling to think that your child just isn't listening to you and punishing them only to find out that in reality, they just plain couldn't hear you.  I can only imagine. 

So my question is this:  Are Roxy's ear infections normal and not as year-round as they seem?  Do we need to push for tubes?  Is Roxy headed down the same path I was?  If only I knew...

More than anything I just want my baby to feel better.  And never have to go through this again.  Looking into a pale face with sad, sick eyes is just not my normal feisty girl.  I guess I'm just another worried, overanxious first time momma.

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