Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 5: A Song to Match Your Mood

Day 5: A Song to Match Your Mood

So, maybe this isn't a mood so to speak, but this song has been on my mind a lot lately.  As Roxy just keeps getting bigger and learning more things and becoming more independent, I become a little sad.  Especially knowing that we aren't going to get to go through this again.  We've already said good-bye to the newborn and infant stages and even though we still have a while left in the toddler stage, its going by so quickly!


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  1. So true! I am trying to take in as much as I can before he's graduating. lol!
    Time is flying. Glad you're taking it all in too.
    I’ve awarded you A Lovely Blog Award. You can check it out here:

    Have a great day! :)


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