Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 4: Your Parents

My parents are pretty awesome.  I mean, they raised one especially awesome daughter, right?

Seriously, I do have awesome parents.  They both worked very hard when my brother and I were growing up to make sure we had what we needed, a lot of stuff we didn't need, and they were always there. 

My mom and I celebrating her 49th birthday
with a Gary Allan concert.
My mom.  Roxanne.  My best friend friend.  Giving and loving.  I've always looked up to her.  She'll be 50 this year and I can't wait to celebrate with her.  After I became an adult, we still have our mother and daughter relationship, but now she's a close confidante as well.  She is a wonderful, talented woman and she is a great mother, sister, wife, grandmother, etc., etc. etc.  I hope I can be like her when I grow up!

Dad & Roxy at Christmas, 2010.
My Dad.  My hero.  I wasn't really Daddy's Little Girl growing up.  I have a lot of my personality from my dad so we clashed a lot.  Especially my teen years.  That was rough.  He's caring and giving.  We have a great relationship now.  It started right after my parents' divorce and has gotten a lot stronger.  We talk often and usually manage to see each other at least once a month. 

My parents divorced when I was 20 years old.  They had been married for almost 22 years.  It was a hard season in my life.  I know divorce is hard on you when you are a kid, but it doesn't get any easier when you are older.  I mean, you have an even better idea of what's going on when you are older.  Anyway, I love both of my parents so much and know that I wouldn't be half the person I am today without them for parents.  Mom and Dad, you rock!


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