Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boo Boo Sticks and Pee Pee

Yesterday, Miss Roxy went back to the doctor.  We realized that she was not eating/drinking like normal, her urine output was lower than normal and she just wanted to sleep a lot.  After reading the side effects on her latest antibiotic, I called the doctor as was directed.  Our favorite nurse practitioner, Michelle, asked us to bring her on it just to be safe. 
Once we were there, we found out her ears and throat are healed and she was not dehydrated.  Michelle said she thinks it was a combination of the triple shot Roxy received - both infections and the strong antibiotic - that her body was taking longer to heal and get back to normal.  We did have a mono screen done and a blood workup just to make sure that Roxy was perfectly healthy.  The blood workup came back yesterday and everything looks great.  All we have to wait for now is the mono screen.  Michelle said she doubts the tyke has mono, but it could explain her fatigue.  Children Roxy's age normally don't get mono and there's not much you can do for it, so its just a matter of knowing its there. 

Roxy did so well for Michelle.  She was treated to a sucker.  Unfortunately, the phlebotomists didn't have so much luck.  It took four of them and Mommy to keep Roxy still enough to get the blood for the tests.  After we finished and Roxy was back to her cheerful self, we stopped at McDonald's for a happy meal treat to make up for the boo boo sticks. 
This little angel made Mommy's day so much better by peeing in the potty like a big girl yesterday.  And she told us she needed to go, too.  Thanks to Baby Signing Time, once I showed the sign for potty, she signed it back and off we went for the bathroom!  Yay, Roxy!!

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