Monday, May 2, 2011

Team Roxy rocked it out for healthy babies! March for Babies 2011

A lot of you have stuck with me through several posts about my involvement with the March of Dimes March for Babies and my pleas for involvement and fundraising.  I thank you!  We marched for healthy babies yesterday.  What was supposed to be a gray-sky laden, rain-soaked day turned out to be a beautiful day with just a bit of overcast.  Sure, there were still mud puddles, but that's okay.

Team Roxy was successful this year... We raised (drum roll please...) over $2,000.00.  We turned in $1,989.16 yesterday and still have several donations still promised and other fundraisers that are ending soon.  What a spectacular year!  We have truly been blessed with the greatest friends and family ever.  Collecting trash in a rain/thunder/hail storm, having a bake sale/cookout while my grandmother was in the hospital, it was just amazing the help we received. 

Thirty-three plus people showed up yesterday to walk and show their support of Roxy and the cause that has come to mean so much to us.  It was nice to see what we'd all worked so hard for come to life yesterday.  Our committee had worked really hard and our March of Dimes representative is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We all had a blast and Roxy was doubly excited that her best friend, Waverly, and her mom, Samantha, joined us for the walk. 

We appreciate everyone's hard work and thank everyone for listening to me ramble, supporting us and our cause, and just being there for us.  As for now, with the exception of a few more fundraisers, donations and sponsors, we are finished until December, 2011!

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