Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Was a Senior Hottie!

It was the school year of 2000-01.  My senior year.  What made me a senior hottie?  I was in to everything!  I was just geeky enough to be Class Secretary and a member of the Student Council, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and SADD Club.  I was nominated for basketball homecoming queen.  I didn't win, but who cares?  I had a co-op job at a local bank.  Did I mention that I was a band geek?  Yes, I was.  I did marching, concert and pep bands --- I played the flute, of course {insert American Pie references here....}

So anyway, I rocked all of this with my usual can't stand upright without falling over  poise and grace.  And I want to show you all how cool I was ten years ago. 

Leaned up against a tree showing off my letter jacket and my class ring.  How rockin' is that?
Still not for sure what my fascination was with the hat.  It wasn't even mine.  I borrowed it specifically for my senior photos!  Ack!
Right after this photo was taken, I fell off of the "Senior" prop.  Poise and grace, ya know?
Straight out of the yearbook.  Here's a secret - I knew that these pics were being taken this day!  I just looked like crap that day, I guess!
Thank you, Liz, for coming up with this idea.  Looking through photos has been so much fun and I have several more that I may post before the link up ends on Monday.  It was especially nice since my 10 year class reunion is coming up in about three months!  Reminded me of some stories from back then.  My first *two* accidents, my first true love, falling down the stairs and getting dumped in the same day, senior skip days, and on and on! 

Now come on and don't be shy - link up to the I Was a Senior Hottie party with Liz at BBCD.  Check out her post for the button, linky, and directions! 


  1. You are so dang adorable! I love the tree shot- I had all but forgotten about class rings! Those were so important, weren't they?

    Also? You totally got me with the baseball cap shot- pure cuteness!

  2. beautiful girl!! thank you for linking up and showing yourself off! :)

  3. Adorable. Seriously, it takes a good 20 years for the pics to become laughable. You are just all sorts of cute!

  4. Cute! I love the one of you in a cap and you're looking over your shoulder, tee hee!

  5. Adorable! And we graduated the same year. Of course, I'm lame and won't have my pics up until tomorrow.

  6. I love the jacket! Great photos!

  7. you didnt look like crap at all..look at that smile and I love each one of those pictures, seriously. :)

    plus I feel a kinship, I would have fallen off that prop too. :)

  8. You were so cute. And I agree the photos have to be at least 20 years old before you look totally lame!

  9. You had some fun Senior pics.

  10. You look adorable. I love your smile.

  11. Ok, no ones saying it so I will.
    You have great boobs!

    You rocked the hell out of those photos and you have great boobs.

    I'm not a stalker.

  12. You were a cutie ... what a sweet smile! :)

  13. Oh, the tree hugger pose! That seemed to be a popular one with the photogs for some reason.

    Thank you very much for joining in!

  14. Can't believe you fell off the senior prop - it looked like such a natural the jacket!


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