Monday, May 9, 2011

Heart Cath, Birthday, Mother's Day & Sunshine

"What a weekend!" is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the events of the past three days.  Geez!

I started the weekend with my mom and step-dad showing up at the office to let me know that my mom had been having chest pains for a couple days and was going to have a heart cath done to make sure that her heart was okay.  My mom's been the victim of two prior heart attacks and mini-strokes, so to me this was a major reason to worry.  After sitting at the hospital for hours, she was finally able to have the test and the results were that the chest pains were not caused by any problems with her heart.  It was beating along just fine.  YAY!

Since my mom and step-dad were at the hospital Friday night, I went to pick up my little sister from her mom for her dad's weekend.  It had been a long time since she'd seen Roxy, but Roxy was very happy to see her Aunt "Car."  She was full of showing off all her tricks for Aunt Car all night! 

To celebrate Carley's birthday (she turned 13 on Saturday, May 7), we went to Dairy Queen per her choice and took dinner and an ice cream cake home to celebrate!  Grandmomma and Pappaw stopped by on their way home from the hospital and we all got to have cake together. 

On Saturday, I took Aunt Carley to get her nails done which was her birthday request.  I have to say, they turned out pretty darned cute - lime green and all! 

After that, we took off to finish our Mother's Day shopping and visit with family.  This year, we made some gifts and we bought some gifts.  I made Gigi a photo collage of photos of Roxy and then Roxy made her a handprint picture.  Daddy bought her a gift card to one of her favorite stores.  We got to have brunch together at a local hotel.  {I would post pics, but they turned out so blurry for some reason.}

For Grandmomma, Roxy made her a handprint picture and Mommy made her a picture frame that says, "Roxie and Roxy" because she's been making one for herself for over a year now.  It turned out kind of cute!

After our brunch with Gigi, Daddy, and Uncle Jim, we headed to Owenton to visit with Grandmomma and MyNaye and other aunts that had assembled at Great-Grandmomma's house to plant the flowers they would on any other Mother's Day.  They had planted lots of flowers - petunias, johnny jump ups, begonias, and on and on.  Everything was so pretty.  Great-Grandmomma's clamatis was in full bloom - almost like a sign that she was smiling down on us. 

Roxy played really hard all day long.  She was so excited to be outside in the sunshine.  Its her favorite place right now.  {Isn't this little outfit that Gigi found Roxy too adorable?}

You can also check me out today at Amy's blog.  I'm blogging my war story of pregnancy and premature birth.  Go on and check her out and leave her some comment love.

I'm also participating in the Monday Mingle at Tough Cookie Mommy today.  Check it out and link up!

Happy Monday, folks!

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  1. Sam, that is gorgeous clematis, she was smiling down for sure! And that tutu is so freaking cute.


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