Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dressed up.

This weekend Roxy got to get all dressed up for church.  We had a dress we had originally bought for Christmas that Roxy never wore because it was too big.  Because we were having a chilly spell here in Kentucky, she finally got a chance to wear it before she completely outgrew it.  I think it turned out really cute!

After church, we headed to Gigi's house.  Roxy really enjoyed her desset there.  Brownies and chocolate cupcakes!  Lucky for us, she doesn't really eat that much of it before she's done...

Before bedtime, we had to play with the new doll that Grandmomma bought Roxy.  It came complete with a bottle, cup, and teddy bear in teeny sizes.  Roxy loves rocking the baby to sleep and feeding it.  I have to try to get a video of her singing her baby song.  Its just "baaaaaby, baaaaby, baby, baby, baby..."  Asolutely adorable.

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